Check out Cindy’s posts for more explanation of how this could impact the future of search and SEO. That’s all, our tool will start pinging each of those web pages in search engines and you can watch RPC status in real time. Your link profile growth hasn't yet been captured in our web index. 2. Tap Add below the index page. You can also disable the page, add content to it, then re-enable it. You can check the list of CenturyLink compatible devices, but if you decide to go with your own gear, you won't be eligible for CenturyLink's free 24/7 tech support. In plain language, it is a list of your most important pages. The Momentum template only supports gallery pages. If your template isn't listed, it doesn't have an index page. By avoiding these pitfalls, a webmaster can have clean, spiderable HTML links that will allow the spiders easy access to their content pages. I give CenturyLink lots of credit for expanding its fiber footprint to bring those faster speeds to more people -- but the majority of the footprint still only has access to much-slower DSL speeds, so I can't call CenturyLink the outright winner here. Vole Hunter ! This view of the desktop version as the primary one often meant in practice that the desktop site would be prioritized by SEOs and marketing teams and was treated as the most comprehensive version of a website, with full content, structured data markup, hreflang (international tags), the majority of backlinks, etc.; while the mobile version might have lighter content, and/or not include the same level of markup and structure, and almost certainly would not receive the bulk of backlinks and external attention. Fast, reliable speeds and competitive pricing have landed Verizon Fios the top spots in customer satisfaction from the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. To learn more, visit Index page SEO and social sharing. If you drag the page out of the index, you won't be able to drag it back in until you remove the password. If you don't see an edit annotation for a stacked index, move the page out of the index to add content, then move it back into the index. You can connect it to an existing gallery page or add images to it directly. Grid - On a layout page, create a grid of images with clickthrough links. Depending on your template, you may see Add section, Add gallery or page, or Add project instead. 1. In the Pages panel, click Add page below the index page. It will not add a nofollow tag to the links embedded in it. This will pull up a table where you can enter a URL path following your domain name, and "Fetch" this particular webpage on your website. Once you submit your first sitemap, this data will become invaluable. However, some locations also have fiber internet plans, which use a ground-laid fiber-optic cable to pass data at much higher speeds. No. For now, Google has stated that if you have already implemented switchboard tags, you should leave them as they are. Leave no orphan pages in your website’s structure, and remember to include all indexable pages in your sitemaps. 5. Check the status of updated XML sitemaps. Check your overall indexation status. Check the status of your XML Sitemap Submissions in Google Search Console. Select the Post Types where you want the Indexing API to ping Google to crawl your website as soon as a post is published, updated, or deleted, and click on Save Changes. According to Google’s own latest guidance on the topic, if your website is responsive or otherwise identical in its desktop and mobile versions, you may not have to do anything differently (assuming you’re happy with your current rankings!). However, there may be circumstances where the desktop version could be taken into consideration (for instance, if you don’t have a mobile version of a page). The mobile site was treated as an “alternate” version for a particular use case. 3. Tap into the Password field, then enter the password you want to use. Just tap the Enhancements tab in the left menu bar to view all the reports and tools. 3. Under Options, tap Media. Even in the early days of the web, before search engines, we had to search through directories to retrieve information. See Step 3 below for more information. It may take longer, but it is more likely to consolidate a partnership. Custom code added to pages within an index may not render on your live site. A similar rule applies when linking to pages like “my account” or “basket” - there may be differences in desktop and mobile implementations, but as both pages are noindex and/or robots.txt blocked, it isn’t a big deal.