Most outdated content holds no value for your visitors, but it can still hold value from an SEO point of view. However, since you might still not have a lot of content, you should be careful with what you include in it. Spiders will not attempt to perform searches to find content, and thus, it's estimated that millions of pages are hidden behind completely inaccessible internal search box walls. Find out now if anything's holding Google back! In May 2020, Google rolled out a Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console. Google is becoming more user-centric, so when Core Ranking Vitals become a ranking signal in May 2021, this report will become even more valuable. Inform the user that the content no longer exists, but offer alternative content that they may enjoy. While many SEOs are mainly focused on getting their content indexed quickly by Google, the very opposite - getting it removed quickly - is frequently needed too. If you live in the Northwest (and are perhaps one of the 12s, as Seahawks fans are lovingly called), or in any of the other states where CenturyLink is available, it might be one of your top home internet options. The CenturyLink Price for Life internet deal covered all plans up to 140Mbps. It's no longer available to new customers, as CenturyLink now has unlimited data for all plans and speed tiers. An inferior alternative approach would be to base results on what would be a universal index, including data from all markets, but this would make it impossible to meet the specific needs of users in each country. Other programs determine the relevance and value of the content on crawled sites and reward the ones that meet Google’s strict criteria with rankings near the beginning of search results. Outdated content on your sites. This means content so good, so relevant to the public, that it spreads out independently, without you having to struggle to generate links. In 2021, Verizon was tied with AT&T at the top of all of the major internet service providers with a satisfaction score of 71 out of 100, six points higher than the overall ISP satisfaction grade of 65. That marks six consecutive years of ranking in the 70s for customer satisfaction in the ACSI poll -- the only ISP able to make that claim. For the most part, AT&T Internet plans don't come with data caps. No matter what breadcrumb structured data you’ve used (local business, blog posts, author, organization, etc.), there’s something in this report for you. This is generally a good way to handle SEO elements on mobile, as Google has said repeatedly at this point that there’s no downside to doing this. And, if you’re the kind of SEO professional who likes to track errors and performance of your hard-earned rich results, then Google Search Console is the place to go. Without organic search results, Google’s paid search results would appear less relevant (Overture anyone?), thus reducing eyeballs and paid clicks. Once you’ve taken action to remove these issues, you can request Google’s team to review the site again. But if you already have a large number of links, your page tends to receive less link juice, as the site is already transmitting its authority to many other pages. These links are ads; people have paid Google to put these links at the top of the site when users search for a specific term. What are crawlability. Indexability? What affects crawlability and indexability? Google Search Console is one of the main tools for any SEO strategy, and it’s 100% free! When deploying website changes to live, talk to your developers about making sure the process is 100% bulletproof. Files you use for the meta tag deployment process (to protect your staging environment from getting indexed and live website from getting de-indexed). Viewport not configured: Make sure your pages use the meta viewport tag to adjust the dimensions based on the device used by visitors. The URL has no value: if the URL isn’t receiving organic traffic and doesn’t have incoming links from other sites, just implement the noindex robots tag. That would stop Google from accessing the staging URLs, preventing them from finding out about the noindex robots tag!